De Pherusa is een omgebouwde reddingssloep. De sloep is gebouwd in Osaka Japan en heeft dienst gedaan als reddingssloep op het containerschip de Maersk Tango


Afmetingen                                             7,32 X 2,35 X 0,95 mtr.
Originele capaciteit                                 34 personen                               
Nieuwe capaciteit                                   12 personen
Motor                                                     Lomatec
Vermogen                                              27 PK
Koeling                                                  Water gekoeld
Brandstof                                               Diesel
Brandstoftank                                         42 ltr.

De sloep is betimmerd met hout op het voor-, en achterdek en op de motorkist. Tevens zijn de vloerdelen van hout.
De Sloep is vaarklaar inclusief, trossen, stootwillen, vlaggemast met vlag, brandblusser, bilgepomp, accu met hoofdschakelaar.
Verder is de sloep rondom voorzien van confortabele kussens.
De sloep is opnieuw gekeurd voor de CE markering volgens de Richtlijn Pleziervaartuigen, Richtlijn 94/25/EG.
Op de motor zit nog ruim 1 jaar fabrieksgarantie op
Voor meer informatie stuur een mail of bel!
Camera Jib (€ 750,- incl.BTW)

The set Includes

MB-600 Matte Box control light better than a regular lens shade and offer the videographer the ability to use high quality 4x4 filters for image effects. This matte box is easily deattachable. It is light in weight but is made up of strong material

Follow Focus V1 has adjustable locking system to be attached directly to 15mm rods (60mm center to center difference). The gear box is sealed and has a backlash 1.8° approximately. This Follow Focus has the ability to mark the focus points and move the ring slowly and accurately which makes this unit a great addition to any dramatic shoot and the ability to use a whip .

SHOULDER MOUNT is very quick and easy, requires no tool. This is one of the best-designed shoulder mount systems available on the market today.

·        You can use the Shoulder Mount Handles with your 19mm Rods also
·        The handles are joined to the rails mounting adapter with gear teath. Rail System  has height adjustment. Thus, you can adjust your camera height according to the accessories such as follow focus mattebox etc.
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Polejib (€ 3810,- incl.BTW)

gebruikers die hun camera door de lucht willen laten vliegen.
Dit is een carbonfiber kraan systeem voor de DSLR camera gebruikers. De POLEJIB is te gebruiken door één operator. Speciaal ontworpen als een lichtgewicht camera JIB welke makkelijk is te transporteren, snel op te bouwen en werkt op accu’s of op netspanning. De Rig laat zich bevestigen op een Standard lichtgewicht statief. De POLEJIB maakt soepele, zwevende kraan shots welke de je productiewaarde verhoogt.

De Kit bestaat uit:

·3pc - Carbon fibre tubes
·1pc - End metal tube with attached rod for weight along with the plate with velcro for         attaching the joystick, splitter and battery plate.
·1pc - POLEJIB Pan Tilt Head
·1pc - Joystick control
·1pc - Voltage Splitter
·1pc - Support Stand
·1pc - 100mm bowl Tripod Stand
·1pc - Hook for wire management
·1pc - Approacher
·1pc - Monitor Mount
·1pc - Dust Cover for Pan Tilt Head
·1pc - Dust Cover for End section of metal tube
·1pc - Spreader with tie down foot



Jib Arm Material
Carbon fibre

Jib Arm Shape
Round, dia : mm
Height from Ground
15ft (4.5 Meter)
Jib Arm Thickness
Jib Crane Length
16ft (4.8 Meter)
Jib each Arm length
Carbon Fibre
Coupling Jib Arm Sections
A union coupling design of Jib Arm is done by washer and Steel bolt
Jib Arm Break downs to
4 Sections of 4ft each
Camera Platform Levelling
By Control Cable
Max Camera Package Load Capacity


Height of Jib Arm while Your Stand Adjusted at Maximum height of 5ft
·15ft high at 16ft length
·11ft high at 12ft length
·7ft high at 8ft length

Deze nieuwe Pan Tilt head is ontworpen speciaal voor DSLR gebruikers of gebruikers van de lichtgewicht minicamera’s zoals bijvoorbeeld de GOPRO of de TOSHIBA IK-HD1 en die hun camera in de lucht willen laten vliegen met de mogelijkheid om kop 360 graden te laten pannen en tilten. De Pan Tilt head beweegt soepel en precies, bediend door een joystick controller.



Maximum camera weight capacity
Pan movement
360 degrees
Tilt movement
360 degrees
Central space of the camera head
8.5" (216 mm)
Material Used
Precision machined parts with the highest standards of industrial grade electronic components. Gears made of Aluminium
AC Adapter input
AC 100 - 240V ; output - DC 12V -2A
Two Motors
Has two high torque, servo DC motors that rotates (pans) and tilts the head 360 degrees.


Dit is een makkelijk mee te nemen driepoot stand. Dit is een must voor bij het gebruik van de POLEJIB.



Material Used
Min height
35'' (889 mm)
Max height
98" ( 2489 mm)
Leg Lock Type
Blue Locking Knobs
Black anodized
Double stage collapsible tripod stand

Statief :

De twee-traps 100mm statief is een extreem stabiel platvorm met een enorme hoogte range van 62” De poten zijn voorzien van vergrendelhendels die makkelijk toegangkelijk zijn voor het veilig verstellen van de hoogte. De 20mm en 14 mm aluminium buizen zijn zeer sterk.
Een verstelbare spreader (verspreider) heeft een sterk flexibel en elastisch clip-down mechanisme met bevestigingsknoppen, welke is seconden is gezekerd.


·Max length of tripod :- 62 inch (1575 mm)
·Minimum length of tripod :- 27 inch (686 mm)
·Collapsible height :- 32 inch (813 mm)
·Tripod tubes made of :- Aluminum
·Dia of tripod tubes :- 20mm and 14mm
·All black joints made from :- Solid Metal
·Weight of tripod :-
·Load capacity :- 100 lbs (45 kg)


·Max length of spreader leg :-24 inch ( 610 mm)
·Minimum length of spreader leg:- 14.5 inch (368 mm)
·Spreader collapsed height :- 37 cm
·Weight kgs / lbs :- 1.64 / 3.6 (0,75 kg / 1,6 kg)
·Height of spreader :- 1 inch (25,4 mm)
·Tie down foot made of :- flexible Elastic with tightening knobs
·Sleek knob for tightening the telescopic extension.
JVC monitor (t.e.a.b.)


1        10-inch Full-square CRT with morethan 300 lines of horizontal resolution
2        16:9/4:3 selectable aspect ratio
3        Space-saving cabinet design minimizes depth and height.
4        On-screen menu adjustment
5        Global compatibility: NTSC/PAL compatible, 120V/230V, UL/CE
6        Side-by-side 19" EIA rack mounting (5U height)
7        Built-in loudspeaker

JVC's TM-A101G color monitor features an innovative design that minimizes depth and height for side-by-side installation in
a 19" EIA rack.
Built to last and delivering crisp pictures with a selectable aspect
ratio (16:9/4:3), the versatile TM-A101G has an on-screen menu for simple parameter adjustment.
NTSC/PAL compatible and accepting 120V/230V power inputs, the TM-A101G is a truly global monitor, as well as a class leader
for quality and performance.

Color system NTSC/PAL
CRT 10measured diagonally, Stripe pitch 0.50 mm
P-22 phosphor
Scanning frequency f(H): 15.734 kHz (NTSC)/15.625 kHz (PAL)
f(V): 59.95/50 Hz
Horizontal resolution more than 300 TV lines
Power requirements AC 120V (UL)/AC 230V (CE)
Color temperature 6500°K
Input terminals Composite video, BNC x 2, bridged-output possible
(A/B channels) Audio, RCA pin x 2, bridged-output possible
Remote terminals Input select RCA pin x 1
Aspect change-over RCA pin x 1
Optional accessory EIA Rack mount adapter (RK-C101E)
Dimensions ( W x H x D)  222 x 220 x 316.3 mm
Weight 15.0 lbs. (6.8 kg)

E-slider  (€ 850,- incl.BTW)


Camtree 91 cm lange e-Slider Dolly met 12v motor inclu afstandsbediening met 2,6 mtr lange kabel+12v battery & Oplader, Igus Rails + Wiel voor manual functie + alles verpakt in een mooie reistas.


·Length : 91.44 cm Weight : 3.3kg
·Cameras Supported : Upto 6.8 kg
·Rail Dia : 10mm
·Central distance of rail : 64.40mm
·Material Used : Alluminum
·Drive Belt : Rubber
·Camera Mounting screw : 1/4"
·Works on : Standard tripod having 1/4" or 3/8" screws Dimensions : L 107cm x W 12.7 cm x H 7.6 cm

·Sleek knob for tightening the telescopic extension.


·Remote Control with Auto/manual Mode & Speed Adjustment
·12V Motor & Battery
·It can also be used manually with help of Crank (without remote control)
·Igus rails with slide adapters
·Noiseless bush
·Ball Bearing design with crank and belt drive system
·Quick release plate
·Lock for camera fixing
·Dolly foot for safety while using on surface

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Kroma monitor (t.e.a.b.)


Kroma monitors are designed to meet the most stringent technical demands and use a modular construction that gives excellent flexibility.

All controls, including the picture geometry, are accessible by the user at the front of the monitor. A convenient auxiliary composite input in the front of the monitor allows easy connection of the monitor test generator or other sources.

It incorporates a sophisticated AUTO SET-UP facility. Microprocessor control enables a fast and accurate adjustment in most parameters, not only grey scale. Such parameters can be “learned” from a reference monitor and then transferred to other monitors.

The optional digital input board incorporates two (with passive loop-through) D1 component serial digital inputs at 10 bits ITU-R BT601 SMPTE/EBU 270 Mbits and a component analogue input. The SDI Module allows the user to extract the embedded audio and then output it in analogue or AES EBU Digital form.

The BM5400 series monitors are equipped with a keyboard so that commonly selected functions are accessed directly. Other functions are selected through single on-screen menus, thus minimising the number of key depressions required.

The BM5400 series monitors are provided with a RS485 serial interface for remote control. An optional control panel, which can be mounted on a control desk, can control a maximum of 128 monitors using a looped serial cable and used to address specific monitors for control. Any monitor can work as a “master” remote control for other monitors. A RS232 interface is included to enable software upgrades from a PC.

These monitors are provided with facilities for 4:3, 16:9 and Underscan selection from the front panel.

Other features include Safe Area, Pulse Cross and Blue Only.

                                                      BM5414A11 / BM5414A12
Dimensions (H X W X D)         265mm (6RU) x 426mm x 440mm
Weight                                         Approx 19.2kg
Tube (Pitch)                               EBU 0.28mm P22 0.28mm
Resolution (lines)                    >900
Consumption                              85 W
Lineality Error                           <1%
Geometry Error                        <1%
Convergence Error                   0.15mm / 0.15mm 0.3mm / 0.4mm
Centre / Zone 1 
Inputs                                          2 PAL / NTSC External Sync or
                                                     3 PAL / NTSC Auxliary
Options                                       2 SDI en loop
                                                     Composite Analog
                                                     Remote Control